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Request for building assistance



Request for building assistance


We ask the offers and benefactors to deliver assistance according to the following:  


The local religious organization Orthodox Parish of the Snt. Antonius (Smirnitsky) the Archbishop of Voronezh and Zadonsk, Temple in Voronezh, of “The Voronezh and Borisoglebsk Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate)»

Requisites (BANK DETAILS):

Payment account 40703810145000032739

OJSC (Open Joint-Stock Company) «TransCreditBank» Brunch in Voronezh

BIK (Bank ID)  042007810

INN (Tax ID): 3665045857/366501001


The rector of the Church (Temple priest: protopriest Babitch Nikolai)

The service plan is available by the following contact telephone numbers:



Address : 394070 Russian Federation,

Voronezh, Teplitchnaya-str., 22-A