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The site is made by Metropolit of Voronezh and Borisoglebsk Sergy blessing

 From St. Mitrophan of Voronezh to St. Tikhon of Zadonsk

March of Cross


Today some people have a vague understanding of a March of Cross. Besides, not everyone who had experienced this way from one saint place to another is able and ready to tell other people about it. The will to spiritual concentration, as a rule, not always in keeping with revelation of one’s inner world while socializing.

The next March of Cross from Voronezh to Zadonsk starts on August, 20, 2013. Throughout these years a spiritual mobile “parish of Mitrophan and Tikhon cross-walkers was established. It united compatriots from many towns and settlements, parishes of various temples. This March of Cross includes the whole Orthodox Russia: not only believers of our Black-Soil region, but also brothers and sisters in Christ from St- Petersburg and Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Perm and Pskov, Arkhangelsk and Kursk, even foreigners. Peasants and workers, scientists, medical staff and teachers, students, military men and businessmen, old people and young mothers with sucklings – all march united by mutual faith. That’s why all of us feel alike: we are real coreligionists.

It’s not an easy decision for our contemporary – who is pragmatic, unbelieving, morally depressed and tided by his daily stress, keeping his privacy – to participate in a March of Cross. It’s hard to imagine him to undertake this hard and long trip on foot being guided not by well-known spa, sport or tourist aspirations, but by this strange spiritual goal, a sort of whim, as many might think. Why not to travel comfortably by car, coach, train or even a helicopter or a personal airplane to save up the efforts and time on the way to the saint place? Nevertheless the stream of cross-walkers never closes.

Mitrophan and Tikhon Cross Procession has become a long spiritual event of the whole Orthodox world. The abundance achieved here does not expire on the arrival day to Zadonsk, the final point of the March; for most of cross-walkers this experience influences their lifestyle and their priorities. They start living in rhythm looking forward to the coming March of Cross.

A large block of information has been collected nowadays dealing with this merciful march of cross. One of the tasks of the our site is to review the life on the March from inside using the experience of people who managed this hard and bless-full way of 120 kilometers from Voronezh to Zadonsk while praying to St. Mitrophan and St. Tikhon.

We’ll tell our readers about the holy places and the orthodox temples meet on the way: the participants of the March of Cross, kneeled before relics of St. Mitrophan of Voronezh, than go to worship the relics of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk. One can learn here about small village churches which are suddenly filled with hundreds of believers – marchers of Orthodox communities (parishes) of our great Motherland.

We’ll tell you about priests who took part in our March of Cross, or they will share to our readers their own impressions. You can also communicate on our site with a lot of remarkable Russian people – the participants of the March of Cross, or their assistants and helpers, and can socialize about your personal joys and troubles.

We are looking forward to your written contribution, dear coreligionists, revealing the way you came to realization yourself as an Orthodox person. We do believe that this will serve to the revival of a genuine Faith in Russia and will save our country both from internal and external foes now.

St. John of Kronstadt was sure, that Russia would be saved by the Marches of Cross. And we do hope it will happen.