Traditionally, Russians never fight with other nations. They fight with evil and evil cannot be associated by Russian people with the whole nation. However, Russians considered it a moral duty to fight with Nazis, not a nation. For Russians fascism has nothing to do with a political doctrine. It is associated with inhumanity. It is regarded as an anti-human ideology, as something completely unacceptable that must be eradicated by all means; otherwise it can result in horror and destruction. In the old days, we used the word «fascist» for Nazis who attacked our country. Most families know what it is like from their own experience, from their fathers and grandfathers, not from books. The word «fascist» is used today to describe a person who wants to express the highest degree of intolerance.

Although Russians went through official atheism, and some part of nowadays’ people seem not to be strong believers, the Russians are probably one of the most Christian nations because of the solid Christian basis that they have in their ideology. This can be seen from their total rejection of new, openly anti-Christian «Western values». Christianity gave us the concept of humanity as a whole, family, harmonious, sustainable community. For Russians all moral concepts must be universal free from political, racial, religious, ethnic, national and other features.

So, the concept of «fascism» in contemporary Russian culture is the negation of humanity... According to this concept there is no universal mankind, but there are humans, subhumans and inhumans. When Germans invaded our country, they were guided with this idea. They treated Russians like non-humans. To them there was nothing universal, but there were «Germans» and «Russians» that were two very different kinds of creature, and they had to be treated completely differently. This kind of «fascism», which denies common humanity, justifies any cruelty towards inhumans. There’s no moral barriers fascist to destroying and torturing other creatures, if necessary.

Russians remember the unthinkable brutality, and now extreme cruelty is often called «fascism». «Fascism» is an ideology that totally contradicts with Russian consciousness. However, this taboo does not exist the Western ideology. Nazism was an evident manifestation of Western culture. And, to a large extent, liberalism, based on the same ideas, was an integral part of the colonial ideologies which gave rise to Nazism. The negation of humanity is also the leading idea of Russophobia: the opposition of European Russian reality is often based on the opposition of humans and inhumans.



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