- Who are «the pure in heart», and how can they have the ability to see God Who is Spirit, and about Whom it is said: «No one has ever seen God»?

- By «the pure in heart» Holy fathers mean the possibility of achieving dispassionateness, i.e. freedom from slavery to passions, for whosoever committeth sin, according to Christ, is the servant of sin. So, as a person becomes free from this slavery, they really become a spiritual viewer of God. Just like we experience love and see it inside of us, a man can see God, not with his external vision, but by feeling His presence in his soul, in his life.

As the Psalmist says, «O taste and see that the Lord is good»! [Psalm 34, 8].

From the conversation with the Professor of Moscow Theological Academy, Alexey Osipov


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